The construction sector has the lion’s share of the $4.3 billion worth of investments registered over the last 11 years, a new report from Rwanda Development Board, indicates.
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Post 9/11 America and post genocide Rwanda.
Last week, I was invited by Rwanda’s minister of foreign affairs, the pleasant Louise Mushikiwabo, to attend a public lecture by United States permanent representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice, at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. She gave a great speech, highlighting the tragedy of genocide Rwandans faced in 1994 and the courage and resilience with which they have reconstructed their lives, their public institutions, their economy and their international standing. Most of her speech – possibly 85 percent – was filled of praise of what Rwandans have achieved. 
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Put national interests before party interests-Rwanda MPs tell their Ugandan counterparts

Rwandan legislators have advised their counterparts in Uganda to put national interests before those of their political parties if they are to stamp out the rampant corruption in the country. Addressing a delegation of Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) and the Forum for Women in Development, (Fowode), at Parliament yesterday, the legislators also suggested that Uganda should adopt a strict doctrine of separation of powers by leaving Parliament to function independent of the executive.
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The baby that gives hope to the mountain gorilla population.

The 16-week-old tot is one of the last of 484 of his type alive in the area and part of a programme to save the magnificent animals from extinction. The unnamed baby is part of a breeding programme in Central Africa's Virunga Volcano Region. He is the latest of 13 babies born this year.

The population has been decimated in years gone by because of illegal poaching. Photographer David Yarrow, 45, took these pictures while visiting the 170 square-mile haven for the mountain gorilla.
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Hotel Rwanda – without the Hollywood ending


If true, the story of Paul Rusesabagina, as told in the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, would be truly inspirational. Here is a Rwandan who faced down the militia to protect the terrorised families who had sought shelter at the five-star Hotel des Mille Collines in Kigali. He alone had heroically saved hundreds of people.

At that time the hotel was owned by the Belgian company Sabena, and it had the benefit of an outside telephone line. The film is based on events that purportedly took place at the hotel during the genocide of the Tutsi in 1994.
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The head of Tourism and Conservation at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rica Rwigamba, has announced that Rwanda is ready to implement the EAC single tourists’ visa. She urged other member states to accelerate the process for the benefit of the entire region. 

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RwandAir becomes 1st African airline to own, operate Boeing Sky Interior

Thursday's delivery of a Next-Generation 737-800 to RwandAir was a celebration of several milestones for the airline and aviation in Africa.