Visa information

Announcement: To all citizens of the world, effective 1 January 2018, Rwanda will grant you a 30-day visa upon arrival without prior application. Read the full announcement here  and welcome to Rwanda!


How to apply for a Visa

OPTION 1: Through the Embassy in Washington DC: By submitting an application form to the Embassy in person or by post. If by post, please include a self-addressed recorded delivery or first-class delivery return envelope in your application pack

Visa Requirements

  • Applicant must provide a valid passport for at least six months.
  • Applicant must submit as expected completed application form in his/her own hand writing or in type -Regular visa application form. East African tourist Visa (EATV)  application form. Please note the EATV visa cannot be obtained upon arrival without prior approval.
  • Applicant is required to provide 2 colored passport photos– white background. All facial features must be visible, free from hair, hats or scarf.
  • Signed accompanying letter explaining the purpose for traveling to Rwanda.
  • A signed  invitation letter with a copy of passport/ID and residence permit  (if your host is not Rwandan) and/or confirmation of hotel accommodation booking
  • Applicant must provide proof of residence in USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • Provide a copy of your yellow fever vaccine Certificate only a copy can be submitted along with application as a requirement.
  • For exceptional cases, where applicant(s) can not have yellow fever vaccine shots; E.g senior citizen and people whose health conditions do not permit this vaccine, a doctor’s written recommendation must be possessed at the time of travel.
  • Payment must be in money order, cashier check or bank draft Refundable. The embassy does not accept personal checks, credit cards or cash as means of payment.
  • Submission of documents in short of one or more of the above VISA REQUIREMENTS will cause delay in the processing.
  • A stamped/prepaid, registered and self addressed envelope must be included with an application submitted by mail. Alternatively, an applicant may arrange collection of their passport by a courier.
  • The visa process takes four (4) to (14) business days for regular VISA and four (4) for EXPEDITED Services(additional $30 applies)
  • Anybody who requires a rush/expedited visa pays extra $30 on top of the fees below

NOTE: Because of the increased number of applicants, people are advised to give themselves enough time between the date of travel and application.

Visa fees

Please note if applications are refused, or withdrawn by the applicant, fees are no refundable.

 Transit Visa  Q1  Single  72hrs  $30.00
 Entry Visa  V1-S  Single  30 Days  $30.00
 V1-M  Multiple  30 Days  $50.00
 Tourist Visa  T2  Multiple  30 Days  $50.00
 Family Visa  T3  Multiple  30 Days  $50.00
 Diplomatic/Official Visa  T4  Multiple  30 Days  GRATIS
 Conference Visa  T6-1  Single  30 Days  $30.00
 T6-2  Multiple  30 Days $50.00
Business Visa  T7  Single  30 Days  $30.00
 T7  Multiple  30 Days  $50.00
East African Travel Visa  T12  Multiple  90 Days  $100.00

In view of bilateral agreements, nationals of the following Countries may visit Rwanda without a visa for a period up to 90 days: Hong Kong, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore and the Democratic Republic of Congo.Visa Exempt countries

 East African Community countries

Holders of EAC Partner states passports (Kenya and Uganda) shall be issued with 6 months (renewable) visitors pass upon arrival at no fee.

Visa issued on arrival for the following countries

A visa valid for up to 30 days on arrival without prior application will be issued to nationals of all African countries, Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States of America Fee =$30 USD on arrival.

Holders of US Travel Document

Applicants with the United States travel documents must obtain visas before traveling to Rwanda. Failure to obtain visas from the Embassy or online will result in refusal to board the plane to Rwanda.

OPTION 2: Apply for a single entry visa online Here

Note: Please note that all enquiries about online visa applications should be directed to the Directorate General of Immigration & Emigration in Kigali-Rwanda;