Embassy kicks off in-person film screening

On October 18, 2022, The Embassy of Rwanda in Washington, D.C kicked off in-person film screening “Movie Night”.

The inaugural ‘Movie Night’ was held at Embassy of Rwanda, and started with “The 600: The Soldiers’ Story”.

The 117-minutes film portrays in detail, the events in Kigali during the 100 days of Genocide against Tutsis with focus on the role of 600 Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) soldiers in stopping the Genocide.

A special thanks to the director Richard Hill for getting the audience inside the making and inspiration behind the film.
Thank you to everyone who came out!  Thank you for sparing your time to taste and interact around the Rwandan coffee, one of the best specialty coffee in the world known for both a colorful history and an exciting taste.

More pictures about this event.
Stay tuned for future events.


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