New Year Celebration 2018

On Saturday, January 20th, the Embassy hosted the Rwandan diaspora community for the yearly New Year Celebration party. About 150 people who attended this celebration were from Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, the Tri-State closest to the Embassy location.

In her remarks, H.E. Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana thanked the diaspora for their efforts in staying connected to Rwanda, and for actively engaging in activities that help in the development of Rwanda.

Those present also watched the 2018 New Year message from H.E. President Paul Kagame.

Amongst many other projects, this past year, the Rwandan Diaspora in the U.S. contributed 11 million Rwandan Francs to those in need of Mutuelle de Sante. H.E. Ambassador encouraged them to set even higher ambitions for the year 2018 and assured them of the government’s support whenever necessary.

Children were also entertained through various activities to accustom them to their Rwandan roots.

Those present enjoyed a meal, and traditional dancing together.

This party is a yearly event that brings together the community and the Embassy to kick off the new year with renewed strength and will to serve the nation well, and remain great Ambassadors of Rwanda despite the distance.