Rwandan Community in Atlanta commits to supporting TVETs

Rwandan communities around the U.S. have used the beginning of the year to reconvene and build stronger communities in 2017.

On January 14th, over 60 Rwandans met in Atlanta. Mr. Francis Bukuzagara, Second Counselor at the Embassy of Rwanda in Washington, D.C. was invited by the committee to attend this event on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana.

Mme Leila Gaju Kabanda, president of the Atlanta Rwandan Community welcomed those present and wished them a new year. Mme Kabanda expressed that the Atlanta community is eager to actively contribute to the well-being of the nation, with a focus on the education sector.

In an effort to bring tangible support to Rwanda, the Atlanta community has committed to focus on contributing towards helping TVET programs in Rwanda. Among other things, the Rwandan community in Atlanta wish to contribute equipment to students and building solid networks between TVET institutions in Atlanta. These educational institutions could bear partnerships that would result in exchange programs between Rwanda and Atlanta.

Mr. Bukuzagara who represented Ambassador Mukantabana wished those present a happy new year and commended the Atlanta community for their will to support TVET programs in Rwanda. “We currently have over 400 TVET programs in Rwanda, and it is encouraging to see that communities outside of Rwanda understand the importance of vocational training,” said Mr. Bukuzagara.

Mr. Bukuzagara spoke further regarding the push for a better education for Rwandans in General. “One person educated is a whole family empowered. It is encouraging to see communities like yours that have kept their nation at heart and maintained the spirit of unity.” On behalf of Ambassador Mukantabana, Mr. Bukuzagara assured the Atlanta Rwandan community of the Embassy’s support in their projects.

During this event, new community members were welcomed and encouraged to participate in community building activities.

While concluding the events of the day, Mme Kabanda thanked those present and thanked the Embassy for their support of communities across the U.S.