Rwandan New Year Celebration in Maine

On January 9th in Portland Maine, over 150 Rwandans met to celebrate together in a Gala where Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana was the guest of honor.

Among many activities that took place were a poem presented by a young Rwanda, Ines Giramata, and traditional dancing. The community in Maine has done remarkable work in community organizing and the results of their work is noticeable and impactful.

In his he president of the Rwandese Community Association in Maine, Mr. Damas Rugaba thanked those who were present and presented some of the community building and capacity building activities that the Association has been engaged in. Among many of their programs, the community in Maine has been very helpful in helping families to settle in the US by teaching them how to navigate the system, such as housing and education.

Those who attended were also updated on community activities and invited to be active members of the community by contributing to the efforts made by the leadership. One of the highlights of the event was

In her keynote speech, Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana thanked the community members and the leadership for organizing this event and commended their spirit of solidarity. She invited those present to keep a strong connection to their roots by staying updated on the accomplishments of their mother land and representing Rwandan core values wherever they are.
The attendees shared dinner and danced to celebrate the beginning year in the spirit of community.