Travel Advisory – October 2020



    I was planning to travel to Rwanda from the USA for a short stay during the Christmas holidays but I am kind of stuck on the decision because mainly there’s an election that is going to happen next month and we don’t know any new guidelines that may be put in place after the election which could hinder travel in/out of the USA?. what advice can you give to someone who wants to travel but is afraid to stay in Rwanda just because there’s a travel restriction for going back to study?
    thank you.

    • Elodie Shami

      Dear Atali,

      Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, at this point, we can only advise you regarding travel out and to Rwanda. We highly recommend that you consult with your International Students Office at your school for further guidance and advice regarding traveling back to the US on your student visa.

      Kind regards,

  • Jane

    I am a Rwandan citizen in Rwanda with a B2 tourism visa. I wanted to visit my cousins in the U.S. over Christmas.
    I have read alot around and looks like tourists are not allowed into the U.S?

    Is that so? Would I be deterred from visiting this December?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Elodie Shami

      Dear Jane,

      Please contact directly the U.S. Embassy in Kigali with any questions you might have regarding travel to the USA. They are the best positioned to advise you on U.S. Immigration policy and travel to the U.S. during this pandemic.

      Kind regards,

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