Emergency travel document

The embassy of Rwanda issues a one way emergency travel document to Rwandans who urgently need to travel and have limited time to go through the normal procedure to acquire a passport. This document allows only one way to Rwanda. Its not valid for any visa of any kind from any embassy/high commission or country. Holders of the emergency document must use it only for transit purposes, traveling from US connecting from plane to another but not making any stop-over’s at all along the way. The last destination on the air ticket (itinerary) must be Rwanda. Applicants must take this seriously to avoid disappointing inconveniences. Qualifying applicants are required to submit the following to obtain the same document:


  • Provide Proof of Rwandan citizenship
  • Provide Proof of US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil… Residence (visa)
  • Proof of emergency on which the application is based
  • A request letter addressed to the Ambassador
  • Two passport photos with a white background and all face and ears clearly visible
  • $30money order, cashier check or bank draft payable to the embassy of Rwanda
  • Include a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope, preferably from FEDEX or UPS for tracking and safety purposes.