Life certificate

The Applicant must come to the Embassy in person and bring the following documents:

  • A signed application letter addressed to the Ambassador;
  • A copy of the residence permit (or any other document stating the applicant’s status in the USA);
  • Copy of Rwandan passport/ID (if the applicant is a Rwandan national);

Provide 30 USD money order payable to Embassy of Rwanda.

Processing time and payment 

  • The processing time for the above mentioned documents a maximum of 14 working days.
  • Payment must be in money order.
  • Submission of documents in short of one or more of the above requirements will cause delay in the processing.
  • All applicants must provide active email address and phone number to facilitate easy communication where need be.
  • A  pre – paid and self-addressed envelope be used in the mailing process of documents (suggestion: enable tracking facility for your convenience)
  • Please provide a copy of your passport , Payment of $30.00  Money Order and Proof of Ownership i.e. for  letter of Power of Attorney or Proxy  (Please Note: The person receiving the documents also has to show proof of identification to be considered. Identification number must be included in the letter.