Tax exemption

The Embassy of Rwanda in Washington DC issues tax exemption recommendations to Rwandans returning home with their belongings. To qualify for this recommendation, one must be moving back to Rwanda for good or at least for a long-stretched period. Included in the category are students who have graduated, Rwandans who have been residents or USA citizens of and have decided to move back to Rwanda for work, retirement or just to live in their homeland.


  • Provide a copy of a picture Rwandan identification card/passport
  • Provide a request letter (certified by authorized Notary Public) signed by the applicant addressed to the Ambassador.
  • Provide a list of items intended to be shipped to Rwanda.
  • A copy of a title is required if you have a vehicle.
  • A requirement of ownership and usage of vehicle for at least 12 months is mandatory.
  • Provide 30 USD money order or bank draft payable to the Embassy of Rwanda.

We suggest that a pre – paid envelop be used in the mailing process of documents (suggestion: enable tracking facility for your convenience)

The Embassy of Rwanda in Washington DC informs the public that Rwanda Revenue Authority has the sole and final decision whether to tax or not, regardless of the Embassy’s recommendation.