Announcements: All travelers to Rwanda are required to hold a passport with more than 6 months of validity. However, for justified emergency purposes only those holding travel documents with less than 6 months validity will be required to seek a written derogation by the Embassy before they can engage in any travel arrangements. The Embassy will bear no responsibility for any flight delay or inconveniences for those who will fail to abide by this notice

Visa upon arrival

From Jan 1, 2018, nationals of all countries receive visa on arrival at Kigali International Airport and all land borders.

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Other options

1. Apply online

Apply for visa online Here

  • Please note that all inquiries about online visa applications should be directed the Directorate General of Immigration & Emigration in Kigali-Rwanda. Contacts 

2. Apply through the Embassy in Washington D.C. by:

  • Submitting an application form in person or by post. For East African Touristic visa form click here.
  • Type, eligibility, validity and fee of visas  click HERE.
  • Include a prepaid self-addressed traceable FEDEX return envelope.
  • Include applicant’s valid passport

Announcement: Effective from August 1st, 2019, the Government of Rwanda has introduced a long term visa (V12) that is issued on a reciprocal basis to US Citizens who will go to Rwanda for visit, conference or any other reason other than work purposes. Once granted, this visa will be valid up to ten years. The holder of V12 visa will be  entitled to continuously stay in Rwanda for a period not exceeding 6 months, renewable upon valid reason.

The Embassy of Rwanda in the U.S. regrets to inform its clients that there are several websites that have been selling fraudulent visas to unsuspecting victims. The only two websites that can guarantee you authentic online visas and  While cybersecurity officials look into the matter, we ask you to exercise caution in the visa process to avoid being a victim to these websites.

To all citizens of the world, effective 1 January 2018, Rwanda will grant you a 30-day visa upon arrival without prior application. Read the full announcement here  and welcome to Rwanda!