Legalization of Documents


Submit the following documents via mail using FedEx (include a prepaid FedEx return envelope):

  1. A request letter addressed to the Ambassador
  2. Duly filled form
  3. The documents to be legalized must bear:
  • The signature and seal of a Public Notary in your respective area for Rwandans
  • Seal of the USA Authentications Office Washington DC/Federal office for the non-Rwandans.
  1. Copies of the identification document of the applicant and those of the representative.
  2. Provide a copy of proof of ownership, custodianship, and any other supporting documents where applicable
  3. Processing fees by MONEY ORDER of $30 payable to the embassy of Rwanda (non-refundable).

Note Rwandans must have a consular card to apply (If you do not possess one, apply for it here).

  • Mailing Address: 1714 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Washington D.C