Power of attorney

The Embassy of Rwanda to the United States of America validates all legal documents for Rwandans and non-Rwandans who reside in the jurisdiction that it covers; i.e. USA, MEXICO, Argentina and Brazil.  Only documents bearing Rwanda Embassy seal are legally acceptable for use in the Rwandan institutions. If you need your document(s) legalized, the following requirements must be submitted to the Embassy in full.


  • Sign in front of an appropriate Embassy authority (especially for those who reside close to Embassy of Rwanda Chancery) or provide a document to be authenticated that bears a signature and a seal from the notary public certified by the City in which you (the applicant) live.
  • Date of birth (village, sector, district, and province)
  • Provide a copy of a valid picture identification card/passport
  • Provide a proof of Residence in the US
  • Provide a signed request letter addressed to the Ambassador explaining the service expected from the consular service
  • Name of representative, relationship with representative and ID of representative
  • Copy of property document and the location (village, sector, district, and province) of the property
  • Provide 30USD(nonrefundable) money order payable to Embassy of Rwanda.
  • A pre – paid self-addressed trackable envelop be used in the mailing process of documents (suggestion: USPS, UPS, FEDEX).
  • Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, the Embassy of Rwanda reserves the right to ask for further documentation.

Processing time

  • Legalization of powers of Attorney relating to bank issues, property management or property Sale takes a maximum of 45 working days. The Embassy shall examine each request and may reserves the right to reject any application.
  • The legalization process for all other documents shall take a maximum of 14 working days from receipt of the application.
  • The Embassy does not accept expedited application for documents legalization.