Legalization of Documents

The consular card is a prerequisite for all applicants. If you don’t have one, before you proceed to the next step, please submit your application by filling this form (Click here). Once approved, your consular card will be delivered to you in the same envelope as the document you are applying for.

POA for land sale/management or other POAs

    • Money order or Cashier’s check of 30 USD payable to the Embassy of Rwanda (this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable) 
    • Self-addressed, traceablereturn envelope. These can be found at any of your nearest post services office requirementsfor the legalization of Power of Attorney (POA)/Procuration:
      • Seal from a local notary on your POA document
      • Photocopy of applicant’s government-issued ID
      • Photocopy of representative government-issued ID
      • Photocopy of official land titles of property and/or assets (for land-related POAs)
      • Application letter addressed to the Ambassador requesting for the Embassy notary. Please include the following in the letter: 
      • Applicant’s physical address in the U.S. and contact information
      • Names of their representative
      • Location of the property in Rwanda (village, cell, sector, district, and Province) for land related POAs.
      • For Bank account-related POA, please provide a complete form you get from your bank (if opening a new bank account), or the Bank account number in the POA document.

A prepaid, traceable, and self-addressed envelope for the Embassy to return the document back to the applicant.

Submission of an incomplete application; in short of one or more of the above requirements will be returned.