Embassy New Year Reception and Celebration

It has become a tradition at the Embassy to gather the Rwandan community, celebrate the gifts of the ending year, and bring in a new year in the spirit of family and community. This year, January 1st 2016, over 200 Rwandans were at the Marriott Bethesda Hotel for a reception that was hosted by the Embassy.

There were children and adults, sharing delectable hors d’oeuvre and drinks, listening to the traditional sounds of Rwandan music, and more importantly enjoying each other’s company.
Those present were also able to follow H.E. President Kagame’s 2016 New Year Address after a heartfelt introduction from H.E. Ambassador Mukantabana Mathilde. We, at the Embassy, thank community leaders and friends of Rwanda who continue to support the Rwandan Diaspora here in the U.S. and we look forward to a fruitful 2016.