The African Diplomatic Corps in Washington, D.C. celebrates the win of President Paul Kagame.

“With President Kagame leading the reform process in Africa, the future is very bright for Africa!” exclaimed H.E. Dr. Arikana, Chihombori-Quao, the permanent representative of the African Union to the U.S.


On Friday, August 11th, a week after a landslide victory by president Paul Kagame, the Embassy of Rwanda in Washington, D.C., invited the Diplomatic Corps, friends of Rwanda and the diaspora to an evening of celebration.


In a gesture of friendship and affirmation, Ambassador Chihombori hosted this event, together with Ambassador Mukantabana at the Africa House, official residence of the Permanent Representative of the African Union to the U.S. More that 120 people attended, all eager to express their support for Rwanda and her leader, Paul Kagame.

In her welcoming remarks, Ambassador Mukantabana thanked those present for their unwavering support and observed that to be celebrating the win of President Kagame in such a setting is truly symbolic of the friendships that Rwanda has built, and the trust it has gained from African nations as a country that is driving a Pan-African agenda.

“These elections were a turning corner in our democracy. The Rwandan people asked for what they wanted, and it was granted to them through democratic means, without any exterior influences.” said Ambassador Mukantabana as she recalled the process that has seen president Kagame reelected for a seven-year term. To her comments, Ambassador Chihombori added “For those who say that Kagame has overstayed, I say to them, Africa for Africans, African solutions for African problems.”

Ambassador Chihombori-Quao commended the unprecedented development strides that Rwanda has made under the leadership of President Kagame, citing women’s rights, restorative justice, infrastructure and economic development. To that she added “With President Kagame leading the reform process in Africa, the future is very bright for Africa!”

Ambassador Mukantabana also reminded those present that two years ago, through the referendum, Rwandans came out with a resounding Yes for their need to maintain President Kagame as their leader. The vibrant campaign trail, the election results, and the overall peaceful and festive mood that Rwandans have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks were a reflection of their excitement for where Rwanda is headed under the able leadership of President Kagame.

Ambassador Chihombori-Quao who was hosting the event ended her concluding remarks on a high note saying “What is happening in Rwanda is truly refreshing. It symbolizes who Africans are: beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, highly adaptable, and totally indestructible. Thank you to President Kagame for leading us and for showing us how things should be done in Africa.”

Among many distinguished guest was also a longstanding friend of Rwanda, American singer/entertainer, Mary Millben who shared brief remarks and sang a song for those present.

In true Rwandan fashion, the event was marked by a shared meal and traditional dancing.