The World Bank bids farewell to Rt. Hon. Edouard Ngirente

On Thursday, September 8th, in an evening reception hosted by Mr. Andrew Bvumbe, Executive Director of Africa Group 1 at the world bank, former colleagues and Rwandan community members met to bid farewell to the newly appointed Right Honorable Edouard Ngirente.

For the reception, Rt. Hon. Ngirente was joined by his spouse and two children who will be relocating to Kigali, Rwanda soon.

Mr Andrew Bvumbe commented at length on the abilities of Dr. Ngirente and wished him well as he embarks on a new honorable journey to serve his country as Prime Minister. “Dr. Edouard is taking a huge salary cut for patriotic reasons, and that is respectable and admirable, though not surprising of him because we know how much he loves his country,” said Mr. Bvumbe in his farewell remarks.

The Rwandan Embassy in Washington, D.C. was also represented at the event where first counsellor Mr. Lawrence Manzi spoke on behalf of Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana. “We trust that the Rt. Hon. Ngirente will surely advance the development agenda currently being upheld by Rwanda, and we trust the eye that picked him as the man who is fit for this position. He will be missed not only by his colleagues and the embassy team, but also as a community member who was always present to support fellow Rwandans in good times like in bad times,” said Mr. Manzi.
In his remarks, Rt. Hon. Ngirente thanked H.E. President Paul Kagame and through him, the people of Rwanda for entrusting in him the responsibility to steer the government. “I am ready to execute my duties to the best of my capability, albeit, with the support of all stakeholders in Rwanda’s development agenda,” said Rt. Hon. Ngirente.

The newly appointed Prime Minister, though not the youngest that Rwanda has seen, does bring an element of youthfulness to the cabinet, and many who spoke at the event commented on his dynamic style and his ability to transcend different generations effortlessly when it comes to work.

On the mutual goals shared by the World Bank and Rwanda the Rt. Hon. said “I strongly believe that the shared goal to see Rwanda develop makes our partnership even more stronger. We have embarked on a vision to become a high-income country soon and we are consulting and working closely with all stakeholders in this process.”

The event was attended by many who served with Rt. Hon. Ngirente at the World Bank on various committees who all gave farewell remarks thanking him for his service with them, his dedication to his work and wishing him well in his new duties as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda.