Around the World Embassy Tour 2023: Visitors line up to explore the sights and sounds of Rwanda

The Embassy was delighted to welcome ~2700 visitors to the Embassy for the ‘Around the World Embassy Tour 2023’ on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Visitors eagerly lined up to explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Rwanda while also learning more about the Embassy’s daily work.

View photos of the event here

Doors were open to the public from morning to evening, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about Rwanda including exploring displays and exhibits showcasing Rwanda’s culture and history, including music, dances, cuisine, and crafts.

The visitors at the event were captivated by Rwanda’s rich culture, including its unique music and dance performances, which prompted them to dance and clap along with the rhythm, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Visitors were offered steaming cups of renowned Rwandan coffee, known for its exceptional quality. Additionally, they had the opportunity to learn about the detailed process of coffee growing and production in Rwanda.

‘Around The World Embassy Tour’ is an annual event that attracts hundreds of visitors in Washington D.C. to enjoy a day of cultural and educational activities at the embassies that open doors to the public.

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