BPR Bank Shareholder’s information

The Embassy wishes to relay to the USRCA members a message from BPR Bank Rwanda Plc regarding a campaign to update individual shareholders’ information. This campaign has been organized from July 10, to September 16 , 2023 in all the districts and Rwandan Diaspora.

Any person or an entity that opened an account in the former Banques Populaires du Rwanda before July 31, 2007, automatically became a shareholder and have the right to claim their shares even if they are still using their account or suspended it.

The registration of shareholders is currently taking place at all the branches of BPR Bank Rwanda and online throughwww.bprshareholdersregistration.rwand will cover 425,518 account holders of the former Banques Populaires du Rwanda (BPR) from August 4, 1975 to July 31, 2007 , to integrate them in the current shareholder registry of BPR Bank Rwanda Plc.

The portal has a user guide to help the shareholders update their information.

For more information, contact BPR Bank Rwanda Plc via contactus@bpr.rw

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