Embassy hosts George Mason Uni SSPG ‘Study Abroad Film Festival

Saturday, September 24 – The Embassy hosted George Mason University – Schar School of Policy and Government ‘Study Abroad Film Festival.’ The event featured the screening of student-produced short films highlighting personal experiences during their recent study tour in Rwanda to learn about its transformational journey.

The First Counselor, Mr. Lawrence Manzi (left) hosted the delegation

While on the trip, the students learned about everyday life in Rwanda thru various experiences, including visits to different institutions such as Rwanda Governance Board where they had an interactive discussion with Dr. Usta Kaitesi about home-grown solutions and other key Government programs.

According to Prof. Gebre Tesfamichael , the head of the students’ delegation to Rwanda, the films reflect the incredible progress that Rwanda has made in different areas, including education, health, transport, governance, security, gender equality, etc.

Prof. Gebre Tesfamichael

“Rwanda not only leads Africa in technology advancement but also demonstrates what it takes to define and lead its own success… Rwanda exemplifies what it means to create and execute homegrown solutions.” Narrate Dorothy Chesley and Carmen Wilson, MS-ODKM in their film “Post-conflict Policy Making and Development”.

According to Fatimah Dandashi own observation, “Rwandan Government institutions are stronger because they are formed on the basis of collaborative Government which listens to the people and in which the people are committed to supporting Government growth and daily operations.”

Another student reflected on how seeing the country in person made him understand more fully reasons why Rwanda has chosen the path that it has , why attracting investment and prioritizing their own needs have not been at odds with one another.  Adding “I saw my preconceived theories on development proven inadequate as I learn abt Rwanda’s history and its internal dynamics”

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